Schwinn Elliptical Trainers

Schwinn Elliptical Trainers at heavily discounted prices with free shipping included.

Schwinn are best known for their bicycles. They’ve been a leader in the field since 1895 so it was natural that they would apply their market leading expertise to the world of exercise bikes and elliptical trainers. The result is a range of reasonably priced, feature rich exercise machines that are well built, highly functional and excellent value for money.

Save $200 on list price

Save $200 on list price

Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn 460 Variable Stride Elliptical Trainer
Maximize your home workouts with the Schwinn 460 Elliptical Trainer, which features Schwinn’s exclusive V-Stride Technology that allows you to change stride lengths without manual adjustments or machine modifications. The 460 provides a complete lower-body workout: step to target calves and quads; walk to work your thighs and glutes, and run to lengthen your strides and engage all muscle groups. Featuring a high-tech design, the Schwinn 460 includes 11 workout profiles (more…)

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer

Ideal for the home gym for fitness enthusiasts of any skill level, the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer provides an effective cardiovascular workout by combining upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one impact-free motion. Elliptical trainers emulate the natural motion of your foot while supporting your heel throughout the stride, making them much easier on your knees and joints. In addition to feeling more natural while working out, regular use on elliptical traine (more…)

Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical trainers provide an effective cardiovascular workout that combines upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one impact-free motion. By emulating the natural motion of your foot while supporting your heel throughout the stride, elliptical trainers are much easier on your knees and joints. In addition to feeling more natural while working out, regular use on ellipticals will increase heart and lung capacity while improving your health and burning c (more…)

Everything You Wanted To Know About Smooth Elliptical Trainers

The highest rated Elliptical trainer manufacturers, presently having the best sales over the Internet; the Smooth elliptical trainers, is now the most widely heard brand. These trainers are developed by Smooth Fitness, who has been adding models in their product line. This article would inform you more about Smooth and what about them that makes them so proud of their brand among various elliptical trainers. They are hottest in the market and widely appreciated.

The foremost thing you would notice about Smooth elliptical trainers is the price they have labeled for their elliptical trainers offer. These elliptical trainers don’t fit in low priced buy or even the expensive range buy. They essentially come under mid priced products. Smooth trainers are not priced over two thousand dollars. Elliptical trainers from Precor are high priced when compared to Smooth. However, when you compare the products from the two, you would understand that both elliptical trainers have similar features and Smooth is comparatively less priced. That is the reason why people go for Smooth among all others as they give the best value for money. They compete with elliptical trainers which are over three thousand dollars but have equivalent attributes.

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The elliptical trainers from Smooth have patented technology too. The elliptical motion could be adjusted in proportion to your height. When the body is rightly aligned to the elliptical machine you can burn off more calories than otherwise. Most often when there is improper motion alignment, it would keep you far from burning off calories. Correct alignment would also reduce the risk probable injuries making these elliptical trainers safe to use. Hence they are most preferred over other machines as they have enhanced features for a decent pricing.

Many other important features which you would find on these Elliptical trainers are upper body arms helping towards overall body workout, electromagnetic breaking, pulse sensors which are built into hand grips along with having a higher weight capacity. These along with more features make Smooth Elliptical trainers to be most chosen among people. They also have noise controllers, making it desirable. Many reviews from its users have suggested that Smooth Elliptical trainer is totally silent. These trainers have whisper mechanics for making it a low noise system. The electromagnetic brake system too, has no motor with fewer parts than regular brake systems.

Due to its fantastic attributes these Elliptical trainers have very good warranty and also use new technology. This is the very reason for its higher user ratings. As these elliptical trainers bring great value for money, they are often preferred by people who are on a slimmer budget and can’t afford the highest end models. With Smooth Elliptical trainers you would get all features of a high end Elliptical machine at a reasonable cost.

Hence, when you are planning to go for Elliptical trainers, make sure to give Smooth Elliptical trainers a try. Check its features and compare it with those which are expensive. You would realize that Smooth Elliptical trainers are undoubtedly value for your money.

Elliptical Trainers – How They Help You Burn Extra Calories

An elliptical trainer is one of the most efficient ways of burning calories. On an elliptical trainer you can burn more calories than in just about any form of exercise. This is what makes them one of the most popular forms of fitness equipment.

You will find elliptical trainers at the gym or fitness center and you can buy them for home use. Whether you make them part of your exercise routine at the gym or you are looking for a single piece of equipment for the home then the elliptical trainer is ideal.

The elliptical trainer offers a low impact work out that will not damage joints, cause shin splints or any other injuries associated with high impact exercises like running. Your feet never leave the foot paddles so you are not causing shocks to your feet, ankles or knees. This is much better than pounding the concrete by road running.

Their low impact character makes them ideal for people who are new to exercise or have suffered injuries in the past. If you have arthritis and want to exercise then an elliptical trainer may be answer. If you are recovering from an injury then working out on an elliptical trainer may help to get back in action with exacerbating your original injury,

If you have limited time for exercise then an elliptical trainer is probably the single most efficient fitness machine for you to use. It will burn more calories in a shorter time than any other piece of equipment. They are ideal for those who are trying to lose weight.

The amazing thing about an elliptical trainer is that you feel as though you are doing less work than you really are. There is far less perceived effort than on other kinds of fitness equipment. The elliptical trainer is easy and comfortable to use.

You are more likely to make use of an elliptical trainer than other kinds of fitness equipment because the experience is pleasant and because you have the satisfaction of achieving your goals more quickly. You keep coming back to it again and again.

The reason why an elliptical trainer is so easy to use is that it mimics the natural action of the body. When you run your feet should move in an elliptical shape. In practice most of us don’t run like that so it is hard work. The elliptical trainer makes us do the action properly.

Many elliptical trainers have levers that work the arms at the same time. This kind of elliptical trainers gives the whole body a work out and is therefore the best choice if an elliptical trainer is the only piece of equipment you are buying for the home. At the gym or fitness center you can mix and match to get a full body work out on different machines.

When you first begin to exercise on an elliptical trainer you can set the machine on a easy program. A fat burning program will keep your heart rate to within about 50 to 60% of its maximum. As you progress you can move on to interval training that wil push your heart rate higher. As your cardiovascular fitness improves you can try more challenging programs.

The advantage of an elliptical trainer is that it has scope for a wide range of fitness levels. You do not need to be super fit to use it but even those who are already fit can benefit from an elliptical trainer.

About Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Have you ever looked at an elliptical trainer review? If you have you can see that they cover a great deal of information, usually focusing on key points within their elliptical trainer review. However, sometimes you can read one elliptical trainer review about one elliptical machine, and then later on come across another elliptical trainer review about the same product, yet the two elliptical trainer reviews are completely different.

This may puzzle some people about how the elliptical trainer review of a product can be so different when they are reviewing the same product that another critique is looking at. There are several reasons why elliptical trainer reviews can come out so differently. We will cover these reasons and show you the key elements that help form a proper elliptical trainer review. You may even be surprised as to how elliptical trainer reviews are scored.

One part of a elliptical trainer review is the price. The prices of the actual machine play a big factor into the elliptical trainer review of the machine. The price ranges are categorized into economy buys, mid-priced buys, and then commercial grade elliptical machines. Now an elliptical trainer reviews results only compare the products that fit into these three price ranges.

So if you have a elliptical trainer review for a machine in the economy buys, that has a ‘best buy’ rating with five stars, versus a elliptical trainer review of a machine in commercial grade elliptical machines, with a four star rating, the elliptical machine with the five stars does not mean it is better then the elliptical machine with four stars. All it means is that the five star machines was judged against all of the other elliptical machines within its class to form the results for the elliptical trainer review and rating. This is a major mistake that many consumers make when they read elliptical trainer reviews and look at the ratings.

Each reviewer and expert has certain criteria that they use to rate the machine and use that in their elliptical trainer review. Some experts may value the machines warranty more then they value the machines features when making the final assessments of their elliptical trainer review. Other experts may find more value in the price, and then they do quality of the machine to form a final analysis for their elliptical trainer review. So when you read reviews, you must understand what the values of the reviewer are, because they may judge certain aspects of the machine in a different way then you might.

Another part of elliptical trainer reviews that you want to keep track of is the person doing the review. You want to pay attention to reviewers with unbiased opinions who write legitimate elliptical trainer reviews, and are not just sources that try to make money form writing a good review for a company to boost their products image. You also need to know that even the best manufacturers who are known for quality and great products do have products that are not so great. This is the purpose for elliptical trainer reviews and is the reason why you cannot always judge a product by its manufacturer.

By understanding how an elliptical trainer review works and how different outcomes of the same product can occur, you can now understand how to look at reviews differently. Remember that there are trusted sources that write reliable elliptical trainer reviews. Do n to fall for a review from a company that may be just writing a review for their own personal gain.

Get Fit With An Elliptical Trainer

While running is an excellent cardio workout, it isn’t always the most convenient way to exercise. Inclement weather, busy schedules, and joint-problems are just a few inconveniences that can interrupt a jogging schedule.

Working out a home is a great alternative, but it can be terribly disheartening to have to piece together a number of routines (or drag out several pieces of equipment) to get a total-body workout.

A few years ago, the hottest equipment to take the place of jogging were the treadmill and stairmaster. –But those particular pieces of equipment are bulky and usually require dedicated floor space. Treadmills in particular still do not ease the impact that running can have on our knee and ankle joints.

A wonderful alternative that is sweeping through the fitness world is the elliptical trainer. It mimics the jogging motion without requiring you to remove your foot from the pedals. Not only are the movements extremely fluid, but you almost get a sense that you’re gliding, rather than taking steps.

The beauty of an elliptical trainer workout is that it only takes 15 – 20 minutes to get a great workout that includes your shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, and calves. It’s so easy to squeeze in a quick workout while the kids nap or while we watch our favorite shows.

If you’re looking to buy your own elliptical trainer, you should know that while you can find some great deals online, it’s always best to try the equipment before you buy it. Some models may suit better than others. Just pop by your local fitness equipment store and ask for a demonstration/trial.

Vision X6100 And X6200HRT Elliptical Trainer Information

Vision elliptical trainers are considered mid to higher end fitness equipment. We recommend that you consider only elliptical trainers that exceed $1000.00 in price to assure quality and durability. Vision elliptical trainers meet this criteria. The Vision X6000 series models are considered to be very good quality elliptical trainer. In general Vision elliptical trainers are known for their quiet smooth and natural stride pattern. Vision elliptical trainers have the ability to fold up thereby presenting a smaller footprint.

We decided to find out if the Vision X6100 was worth its $1499.00 MSRP price. We found two vision X6100 to test at a local private fitness center. Our crew of 4 testers went to work on them with back to back 30 minute intensive workouts. Our crew favors rear fly wheel elliptical trainers over the front flywheel models. However the X6100 met their approval with smooth resistance that Vision ECB-Plus magnetic system control provides. It was easily adjustable using simple controls on the console. Two of the testers felt the machine could have been more stable. The Vision fitness X6100s’long stride length of 19 ¾ inches was really appreciated by our two taller testers. We also interviewed fitness center members who used the X6100 on a regular basis. One complaint we heard from these users was the lack of exercise programs on the elliptical trainer. According to Vision the X6100 elliptical trainer comes standard with only 6 programs.

We also talked to the fitness center manager to see what if any problems that were evident on the Vision X6100. He indicated that there was more maintenance on the Vision elliptical trainers then the PreCor elliptical trainers that the fitness center also used. He stated the fitness center had been using the X6100 and X6200HRT for about 4 months so he was unable to give us any indication of long term durability. The fitness center gave the Vision X6100 a qualified good rating. He also noted that the X6200HRT was more popular than the X6100 elliptical trainers.

Since the Vision X6200HRT elliptical trainer was also available to us we decided to check it out as well. According to Vision Fitness the major difference between the X6100 and the X6200HRT is the wireless telemetric heart rate monitoring. According to the fitness members we talked to they found this feature along with its four programs to be an important feature. Our testers found that unlike the Vision X6100 elliptical trainer the X6200HRT was more stable and had more programming options. The LED display on the console was also above average. All the testers like the articulating foot pads as it really made the long 19 ¾ stride very comfortable. One of our testers conducted a 2 ¼ hour workout on the X6200HRT elliptical trainer and said it was one of the most comfortable she had ever used. The strap that held the telemetric heart monitor did not stay on our largest tester who has a 54 inch chest.

At about $2000 the X6200HRT elliptical trainer is expensive for in home use, However if you have the money it is a pretty good elliptical machine. According the fitness center staff the X6200HRT elliptical trainer is a heavy piece of equipment. At approximately 200 lbs you may have to use care and good judgement when siting either of these elliptical trainers. Just like the X6100 elliptical trainer the X6200HRT folds up into a 42 inch footprint. The fitness center staff had only moderate problems in the assembly of both the X6100 and the X6200HRT. It should be noted that the Vision X series of elliptical trainers are designed for in home or corporate use. Corporate use is defined by using the elliptical trainer for 3 hours or less each day.

The Vision Fitness warranty For both the X6100 and the X6200HRT is pretty good with lifetime on the frame and magnetic braking system with 3 years on the parts including electronics. The cost of labor is only covered for a year. It is our suggestion that whenever you purchase any fitness equipment that you look at purchasing an extended warranty.

As a result of our testing we give both the X6100 and X6200HRT elliptical trainers a good rating for in home use.

Everything You Should Know About Elliptical Trainers

When you hear about elliptical trainers, do you recall ever hearing about elliptical trainers? Elliptical trainers are surprisingly under four hundred dollars, and you really do get some great features and benefits along with it. We will go over the elliptical trainers and then let you decide if the elliptical trainers are the type of machines you would like in your home.

When you get onto a elliptical trainer, the first thing you will notice is elliptical trainers run very smoothly and are extremely quiet. This makes a elliptical trainer very comfortable and easy to use, which is very important when choosing an elliptical trainer. The elliptical trainers also seem to have a very sturdy frame, which makes it so that you do not have to worry about the elliptical trainers frame being wobbly during a workout. This is important, because many elliptical machines at this price range prove to be very unstable. This does not mean that elliptical trainers are the most stable machine son the market; however it does mean that the elliptical trainers are stable enough to let you get a good workout.

Other features on the elliptical trainers include ten levels of resistance, hand pulse sensors to get accurate readings of your heart rate, front transportation wheels as well as a console that has the basics. There is a nice feature that is added to the rear platforms of elliptical trainers. The back is adjustable to make the elliptical trainers more even on uneven floors. All of these features make elliptical trainers very nice machines at a astonishing price. They do seem like they are well put together and seem moderately durable.

The weight capacity of elliptical trainers y well as it has a maximum weight capacity of up to two-hundred-and-twenty pounds. This is exceptionally well and even rivals machines that are more expensive then elliptical trainers.

Another positive part of elliptical trainers is that they come with a one year warranty on both parts and labour. This is a very good point when looking at elliptical trainers, because you know that even though you are paying such a low price for elliptical trainers, you are guaranteed that they will last you a minimum of a year. This gives buyers more confidence when purchasing elliptical trainers.

Overall, elliptical trainers seem to be very well put together and are not only low in price, but are also great buys for someone on a low budget. Elliptical trainers have a great warranty with some nice features that you would expect to see with a higher price tag. Elliptical trainers seem to be reliable machines that you can use to maintain a steady workout with. They seem to be one of the best elliptical trainers out there in a budget buy category.

Elliptical Trainer Ratings

Buying an elliptical? You may want to look at several elliptical trainer ratings before buying to get an idea of which elliptical trainers are best for you.

Before you look at elliptical trainer ratings however, here are a few things you should know about how elliptical trainers are rated:

#1 Elliptical Trainers are Rated in Specific Price Groups

There are really 3 categories of elliptical trainers: Economy Buys, Mid-priced and Commecial Grade ellipticals.

Economy buys range from about $300 to $1000. Mid-priced ellipticals range from $1000-$2000. High End or Commercial elliptical trainers range from about $2200 and above.

When experts go to rate elliptical trainers they usually compare the elliptical trainers within price class.

So just because an economy elliptical trainer gets 5 stars and a mid-priced elliptical gets 4 stars, that doesn’t mean the economy elliptical is better than the mid-priced elliptical. It just means that compared to other economy elliptical trainers, that one is superior.

#2 Experts Value Elliptical Features Differently

Ever wonder why certain elliptical trainers get rated highly by some experts and not by others? It’s because different elliptical trainer raters value some features over others.

So for example, while Consumer Reports may give more weight to long warranties and stability, Consumer Guide may value smoothness of ride or ease of use.

It doesn’t mean one elliptical trainer is better than another – it could just mean they are rated using different criteria.

#3 Use Caution When Reading User Elliptical Ratings

In addition to expert elliptical ratings, there are also websites that allow people to write a personal review of their crosstrainer. While these can be helpful when shopping for an elliptical, be cautious of basing your decision just on these ratings.

Exercise equipment is big business and some companies are not above having one of their employees post negative reviews on their competitors.

Also, no one elliptical brand has a perfect track record – sometimes even the best brands make a dud. And those are usually the people that go online to post a negative review. Those people who are happy with their elliptical are less likely to post a comment.

Bottom Line? Take user ratings with a grain of salt and compare them to your own research when deciding on your elliptical trainer.

So those are three key things to keep in mind when looking at elliptical trainer ratings. Hopefully they will help you choose the very best elliptical for you!

What are the Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer?

What Are The Benefits Of An Elliptical Trainer?

More than likely you have heard about an elliptical trainer.. You know what they are, you know what an elliptical trainer looks like, but how exactly does an elliptical trainer benefit you?  Many people can look at a it, but they really do not understand how the elliptical trainer can really benefit them. We will go over some key benefits of the many benefits that a elliptical trainer provides which will show you why they are becoming more popular then ever.

The biggest benefit of an Elliptical trainer is the time you can save by using this machine. There are many people who lead extremely busy lives and do not have a great deal of free time to spend exercising and keep their body in good health.

With an Elliptical trainer, you can eliminate the need to not only go to a gym to work out, but it will also eliminate the time, money and effort to join a gym. This machine is very convenient to use and it provides a full body workout in less then thirty minutes. This is very good news to hear for someone that has a very limited amount of time to schedule into their busy day for working out.

Another key benefit of an Elliptical trainer is that they have very low impact and do not require any specific muscular skill. Low impact basically means that you have the lowest risk of obtaining an injury form using the machine for your workouts. This is very beneficial when you compare working out with weights and other fitness machines. A elliptical trainer also does not require you to perform strenuous positions or have  strength requirement to use the machine.

You can be on any muscular skill level and still reap the benefits of an elliptical trainer. This is what makes an elliptical trainer a versatile workout machine for all body types and age groups. You can have one Elliptical trainer in your home and it can be used by your entire household to maintain a strong fitness level for everyone in your home.

A elliptical trainer also provides cardiovascular and weight loss benefits. A Elliptical trainer is proven to strengthen your heart over continual use which reduces your chances for heart problems in the future. This can decrease your chances of such problems as a heart attack, heart disease and strokes for the future. In addition to maintaining a healthy heart, by continually using a elliptical trainer, you also increase your metabolism. By increasing your metabolism, you burn fat calories much quicker, thus preventing weight gain and promoting weight loss throughout your body. This will tone your muscles such as your back, arms, legs, and stomach.

A Elliptical trainer can help you maintain a healthy body by using  a simple routine that can fit different age groups and body types. It is no wonder that these machines are becoming very popular and are in high demand. An elliptical trainer has many benefits that will cater to any of us while also helping us lead healthier lives through daily exercise.